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An historical actor in the relay delivery, Relais Colis was also the inventor in France in 1983. Sending with relais Colis, means benefit of the flexibility of the depot and the withdrawal in proximity point.

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    Why do we recommend sending parcels with Relais Colis?

    Relais Colis owns a network of 5 200 relays points. It allows providing a relay within 10 minutes for 86% of of the French population and has a customer satisfaction rate of 97%. Relais Colis, it is 45 years of business experience in the delivery department.
    Note: the package remains in relay for 10 working days and then returns free of charge to the shipping relay. Notified delivery by email on the day of delivery and/or by SMS.

    Relais Colis delivery option

    Relais Colis Eco

    Delivery in relay point in 4 to 6 days

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    Relais Colis, inventor of the relay

    Relais Colis invented the relay in 1983. A pioneer in local retail delivery, the carrier now delivers 32 million parcels per year. Its infrastructure includes 4 transport hubs and 22 branches throughout France.

    Relais Colis is changing

    Relais Colis was taken over in 2014 by new shareholders and is 100% owned by its employees. In 2015, the carrier launched its 5-year transformation plan. DHL is investing in this plan to support Relais Colis in January 2016.