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DHL Freight is a leading player in the delivery of your pallets all over the world. They cover 220 countries and up to 900 kg per pallet.

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    Why do we recommend sending parcels with DHL Freight?

    Delivrer your pallets to 220 countries with DHL Freight. The tailgate lift is included in the departure and arrival service.

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    DHL Freight is one of the most important players in the European land transport sector, and as a global transport organiser they offer adapted and personalised solutions to their customers, based on technical means such as the groupage, partial and full batches in France and Europe, by road. They complete their offer with skills in rail and multimodal transport and finally with customs services.

    The most international company in the world

    DHL is present in 220 countries. 350,000 employees are part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group. DHL is developing the GOGreen programme, which aims to reduce its polluting emissions to zero by 2050. They already reduced their carbon emissions by 30% in 2016 compared to 2007.