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Colissimo is the parcel delivery service to individuals of the French Post Office. Enjoy home delivery within 48 hours. Colissimo ships your parcels in metropolitan France but also in the French overseas departments at ultra-competitive rates.

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    Why do we recommend sending parcels with Colissimo?

    Colissimo is the leader in France in the parcel shipping due to its membership of the group. La Poste. It is also the national historical operator. The Colissimo offer is reserved for e-merchants or marketplaces merchants who have created a Boxtal account.
    Note: Customer Service is not provided by Boxtal. Contact Colissimo directly by calling 0825.878.888.

    Colissimo delivery options

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    Home delivery in 48 hours

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    Colissimo an historical actor in the shipments

    Colissimo has been a public company since 1991 and was designated on 25 June 1999 as the universal postal service provider in France. It has many activities: mail, express parcels, La Banque Postale and the network of post offices. The sending of parcels is structured around the Colissimo brand.

    Colissimo ships over 300 million of parcels per year

    La Poste's industrial equipment enables Colissimo to process and deliver 300 million parcels per year. Against the challenges of global warming, La Poste aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 15% by 2020. In the city, deliveries can be made in electric vehicles with more than 400 Staby three-wheelers.