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Chronopost Relay to Relay is a transport offer that allows you to deliver in Pickup relays within 48 hours. With Chronopost Relay to Relay, exclusively offered by Boxtal, you can benefit from the quality of the Chronopost network from €4.99 excluding VAT.

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    Why do we recommend sending parcels with Chronopost Relais à Relais?

    First express operator in France, Chronopost allows you to deliver your parcels to one of the 8300 Pickup relay points in just 48 hours. From €4.99 excluding VAT, Chronopost Relay to Relay offers your customers more flexibility to pick up their parcels, in addition to fast shipping within 48 hours. In addition, delivery against signature and online tracking will give you much more visibility on your shipments.

    Chronopost Relais à Relais delivery options

    Chronopost Relais à Relais

    Delivery in relay points in 24 hours

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    Chronopost Relay to Relay:
    express at the price of the relay

    Chronopost Relay to Relay is THE new service offer to take advantage of the advantages of two delivery modes in one. Ultra-fast relay delivery is becoming a new standard. Delivering in express relay means ensuring double customer satisfaction: you benefit from the flexibility of the relay's schedule, both for yourself, when you drop off, and for your recipients, when you pick up, while offering a quick delivery time.

    The quality of the Chronopost network

    With its 3700 employees and 5700 daily tours, Chronopost is France's leading express carrier. Thanks to its 8300 Pickup relay points, Chronopost is also the leading relay network in France. It ensures an optimal coverage of the territory: 95% of the French population is less than 15 minutes from a Pickup relay. Finally, the Pickup network is the only relay network to take into consideration the merchant's storage area.