API: Method enabling us to organise the exchange of data between the servers of different websites. An API is more specifically a set of URLs; it may receive and send data and enables the flow of data.

Application: Website, software or any IT program capable of communicating with the API over the internet.

API key: unique identifier the User needs to set up access to the API services

Aside from the terms in capital letters defined elsewhere in these API general terms and conditions, all the other definitions in capital letters used in this text will have the meanings defined in the general terms and conditions of sale and use published on the website at the address legal/conditions-generales-vente


The website (hereinafter 'the Website') is published by the simplified joint-stock company BOXTAL. The purpose of this Website is to make your access to delivery services (hereinafter the 'Services') easier by offering you transport service quotes that meet your request at the best cost, as well as by offering you the possibility of instructing BOXTAL to have the carriers (hereinafter the 'Carriers') of your choice fulfil the appropriate order or carry out any other transaction.

These general terms and conditions of service for the API define the general terms and conditions of use of the API. If you want to use the API for any purpose, you must first create an account on the website by providing accurate contact information in the account creation form available on the Website. The User confirms that they have checked that the service suits their needs and that they have received the information and advice from BOXTAL that they needed to make this commitment in full knowledge of the facts.

These terms and conditions of use of the API are supplemented by the general terms and conditions of sale and use published on the Website at the address legal/conditions-generales-vente


The purpose of the Website is to assist Users in selecting Carriers and Service quotes offered on the Website, to place orders on behalf of Users and to have these orders fulfilled by Carriers according to their instructions.

On the Website, you instruct the company BOXTAL to order the Services of Carriers you have selected on your behalf, after having accepted these General Terms and Conditions as well as the applicable Specific Carrier Terms and Conditions.
Using the API implies, for each order of a delivery service, acceptance of the Website General Terms and Conditions in particular, and without limitation, article IX, as well as the Specific Terms and Conditions of the Carriers chosen.

General terms and conditions of carriers available via the API:
- Chronopost
- Colissimo
- Mondial Relay
- Relais Colis
- DHL Express
- FedEx
- Sodexi
- TNT Express

To use the API you must:
- Create and confirm an account on the Website
- Request an API key by sending an email to the address
- Request deferred payment (prerequisite for going live with the API). The choice must be made on the Profile page of your account on the Website.

By using your API Key, you implicitly accept to be bound by these API general terms and conditions of use and by any revised or renewed version of these general terms and conditions of use as they will be published on the Website.

BOXTAL reserves the right to deny any request to use the API at any time without giving a reason.

BOXTAL cannot be held liable for any kind of damage that could result from the denial of your request.


D-1. General
In addition to the Website general terms and conditions of use, the API user consents to the following:
- All information entered for the needs of account creation is accurate and complete
- All the information entered when placing orders for Carriers' Services via the API is accurate and complete, in particular: weight, dimensions, content and shipping and destination addresses.
- The user of the API is solely responsible for the use they make of the services offered by BOXTAL through the API and for observing the confidentiality of the API Key.
- You must be constantly up to date with the sums due to BOXTAL within the framework of using your account
- The User will not use the service in a way that could damage its performance, its accessibility and its availability
BOXTAL reserves the right to interrupt access to the Services via the API should the sums due to Boxtal for use of the services through the API not be paid, despite reminders sent by BOXTAL to the User who holds the account associated with the API Key.
BOXTAL also reserves the right to interrupt access to the Services via the API without notice following repeated and significant incorrect declarations of information in orders placed via the API, in particular if the dimensions and weight of your shipments are not true and accurate. Article IV of the Website General Terms and Conditions details the consequences arising in this specific case, such as the issuance of additional invoices if your declaration about the weight and/or dimensions underestimates the actual weight and/or dimensions of your shipments.

D-2. Non-commercial use
The API is governed by the LGPL licence (available at this address: You may not under any circumstances sell, rent or sub-license the API or your access. Any commercialisation and/or fee-paying provision of the service is strictly forbidden.
Furthermore, you will constantly protect the Website's value and reputation and those of the brand or name, to the best of your ability.

D-3. Authorised application
The API is exclusively aimed at Users for whom the Application does not enter into prohibited categories, such as, and not limited to:
- Websites of an insulting, defamatory, racist, xenophobic or negationist nature or which violate the honour or reputation of others.
- Websites that incite crime or an act of terrorism or which advocate war crimes or crimes against humanity.
- Websites of a paedophilic nature
- Online gambling websites and online casinos
- And in general any site that disrupts public order and may constitute a violation of legal or regulatory provisions or damage BOXTAL's image.

D-4. Limitation of warranty
In addition to the stipulations of the Website general terms and conditions of sale and use, the API is provided without any explicit, implicit or legal warranty. Any implicit guarantee of service availability and accessibility, as well as any guarantee of the reliability, precision or exhaustiveness of results given are excluded.


The installation and/or configuration of the help service for the EnvoiMoinsCher e-commerce module from our expert entails a fee of €49.
BOXTAL SAS may decide, at its sole discretion and under the conditions that BOXTAL SAS will define, to organise special and/or promotional operations concerning the services offered by our support.
These offers may be aimed at Users who are already BOXTAL SAS customers within the framework of loyalty programmes or to new Users.
The conditions of these special operations / promotions will be subject to a specific notice, detailing the conditions of the offer and access for Users.
Any User (existing BOXTAL SAS customer or new customer) who does not meet the offer criteria may not claim any compensation of any kind whatsoever.

Updated: 06/2016.