Browsing data usage policy

Our goal is to continuously improve our services to offer the best possible experience while adopting a responsible approach. We use cookies to measure our site and apps performance as well as publish relevant ads based on visitors interests through partners display networks.

Boxtal approach

We are building a reasonable web marketing approach prioritizing privacy in opposition to growth at any cost.

Our business model is solely based on sales of shipping and software services.

We do not display any ads on our sites and applications.

We do not sales data to any third party company.

Our ambitious goal going against today’s market trends is to not propagate any browsing data outside our own infrastructure.

Tracers definition

By tracers we mean any technology used to identify users’ terminals (web browser or mobile app) between browsing sessions for connected users and anonymous visitors.

These technologies include among others cookies, LocalStorage, ip address, fingerprinting, etc ...

Based on the identification provided by a tracer, data related to the visitor's navigation can be collected.

Depending on the nature of this data, its retention period, the use made of it as well as its propagation to third-party companies, prior consent may be necessary in accordance with the applicable European Data Protection Regulation.

Tracers exempted from the consent

Boxtal is using its own tracers to managed within the users’ terminal, mandatory data to make its web site properly works.

These operational tracers make it possible to

  • keep the choice expressed by users on the deposit of tracers requiring prior consent ;
  • manage visitor authentication with our platform ;
  • remember the content of a shopping cart.
  • It also has its own solution of audience measurement tracers with the exclusive purpose of

  • measure the audience of the Boxtal site and applications (performance measurement, detection of navigation problems, optimization of technical or ergonomic performance, analysis of the content consulted) ;
  • produce anonymous statistical data only.
  • The data collected by these tracers are never transmitted to third parties and are kept for 13 rolling months within the Boxtal infrastructure applying all the best practices in terms of security.

    Tracers requiring prior consent

    To measure the audience of our sites and applications, we also use Google Analytics.

    We are implementing campaigns to re-target visitors to the Boxtal site with the aim of tailoring our advertising communication according to their behavior.

    The publication of these targeted advertisements is done through the distribution network of Facebook and Google Ads.

    In practice, this means that if you give your prior consent, you are likely to see targeted Boxtal advertisements when you browse web sites using advertising distribution networks managed by these companies.

    The data security and confidentiality policies of these service providers are accessible here :

  • Google Analytics :
  • Google Ads :
  • Facebook Ads :
  • Exercise choices regarding the collection and use of navigation data

    When you visit the Boxtal site, an information banner is displayed asking if you accept the use of tracers requiring prior consent.

    These tracers are only activated after acceptance.

    We apply your preferences to the browser from which you made your choice and any other browser from which you are connected. If you are not logged in, we may have to ask you for your choices again.

    Your choices are kept for 6 months.

    It is possible to modify them at any time with the following link.