Parcel shipping with total simplicity

Bulk shipment is the ideal solution for recurring shipments, such as box subscription models, for example.

  • Dissuasive postage fees?
  • Complex shipments?
  • Time-consuming shipments?
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Do you have more than 5 parcels to send? Bulk Shipment is the quick and effective solution for sending parcels cheaply.

The benefits for sending parcels

  • Take advantage of our negotiated rates of up to 75% off
  • Manage your shipments on one interface
  • Generate your shipping notes with one click

The benefits for your customers

  • More advantageous carriage fees
  • Ultra-efficient tracking
  • Reliable shipments

How does it work?

Customer testimonial

Bulk Shipment enabled me to carry out a large-scale marketing operation to recruit a hundred new customers.

Jambons Oliveras Gennevilliers
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